Hudson Valley Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Please provide us with the below preliminary information as soon as possible .

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     Email address

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     Instrument(s) played


     Background of performance & band experience (HS, College, other)

         What part have you played mostly?

         What part are you most comfortable with?


     What interests you about playing in the Hudson Valley Wind Ensemble?    

     How do you know about us?

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We'll call you to arrange for a time to meet and briefly demonstrate your playing attributes.  

The choice of music (in different styles, tempos, ranges, etc.) is up to you.  There is no need to perform a complete work.


In addition to a reasonably secure performance level, an enthusiasm for symphonic band music is desired and essential.  It is a primary goal of the organization to provide an environment in which members can both play and share all aspects of band experience.


For questions or additonal information please call Alison Fletcher at 914-953-0900

How to Join

About instrumentation

Instrumentation of the Hudson Valley Symphonic Wind Ensemble follows the original prescription of Frederick Fennell for the Eastman Wind Ensemble in 1952, which calls for a specific number of players per part.   Compared to the larger Symphonic Band, this unique balance provides greater clarity, but places additional responsibility on each player.   Therefore, smooth operation of a fine Symphonic Wind Ensemble as a 'community group' means having a roster of both regular and part-time players to ensure full instrumentation at every rehearsal.  


The very instrumentation that determines music rewards also requires complete instrumentation and members capable of consistent attendance to achieve it.  With this in mind, we are always seeking members for alternate/substitute roles and regular players where vacancies exist.

Vacancies for 2020-21 Season (as of February 18, 2021)

In order to achieve the above goals, the following attributes are desired in players:  

1.  Enthusiasm for the wonderful literature of the symphonic band and wind ensemble

2.  A musical, secure and reasonably high level of classical solo performance

3.  An ability and desire to blend with and share in the total ensemble sound

4.  An understanding of the interdependency of players in a musical ensemble of this type

5.  Willingness to carry out the individual responsibilities of music preparation and regular  

     attendance in order to insure a positive experience for all colleagues at every meeting

Who we'd like to have in the group


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